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Experts reveal the smartest ways to approach fitness despite the flu. The flu is getting across central Ohio with absentees from schools and an increase in hospitalizations in an over-the-counter sale this season.  In a news on Jan., 28, Dr. Roberts, the health commissioner for Columbus City,  highlighted the important role that exercises play in the recovery process of people who are dealing with mild illnesses if done in the right way. These include increasing your immune system, reduced vulnerability to another sickness, boost your energy levels and even improved mood. Bryana Ross, the wellness manager for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department suggests that you shouldn’t abandon exercising but only reduce the intensity of your workout and avoid jumping right back into what you’ve always done before you got sick. Ross also suggests staying hydrated and taking proper nutrients to assist in the flu prevention and recovery process.

The Rocky Top Fitness Center recently installed a shipment of brand new cardio equipment, which was handled by Quinnipiac. The 29 new machines are intended to help students enjoy a more entertaining and immersive workout experience. The equipment will replace the old equipment that has been in use since August 2010, then the gym first opened.  The Quinnipiac’s director of Campus Life For Recreation, Mike Medina, assures that all the equipment; the cardio, strength equipment, and spin bikes were original and similar to the ones the gym started with. The machine can be linked to the Preva application, which provides data and statistics that can help them track their progress. The new consoles have Spotify, iHeart Radio, Netflix, Live TV, and other apps. Medina also revealed their plan to have a spin class that will be called ‘Bikes and Brews’ soon.

fitness today -fitness newsThere are now available fitness trackers for kids. Different studies have established the fact that kids need to engage in physical activities or active outdoor play for an hour on a daily basis. With the new wave of fitness trackers marked for kids, there seems to be no other way to help school-age children adopt good exercise habits.  However, according to a Fort Worth-based board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Fitness trackers shouldn’t be forced on them and they shouldn’t be scolded for having a bad exercising day. As gathered by Good Housekeeping Institute experts’, the following are the best fitness trackers that are good for your kids based on some specific features such as strong battery life, a reliable step counter, some water protection, and a durable face.

  1. Vívofit Jr 2
  2. Ace 2
  3. Kids Fitness Watch
  4. KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2
  5. LeapBand

Hotworx, a rising fitness trend for 2020 promises less time in the gym with better results. As revealed by Mike Sims, the owner, the short but tough workouts of Exercise Coach in Southlake lasts for only 20 minutes for anyone who wants to get a full-body workout. The machine measures your ability to exert force, stores that information and provides your trainer with the stored data the next time he enters your pin into the machine. This technology type seems to be the best for people who prefer shorter but more intensive workouts at the gym. Hotworx ramps up your workouts using infrared heat, which accelerates your workout recovery. It also causes a rise in your core temperatures which speeds up your metabolism. Researchers at Mayo Clinic reveals that several studies done using infrared saunas found evidence of benefits for people with chronic health problems.

Fitness today - downsides of fitness appsNew research reveals the potential cons of fitness apps. For over a decade now, wearable fitness apps have been associated with smartphones or sophisticated apps. They help to monitor our fitness levels and motivate us to exercise more through activity tracking, meal planning, motivational articles, personal videos, and daily meditations. Prof Niall Moyna at Dublin City University says the use of these fitness apps is expected to increase more over time.  Fitness apps cover 10% of all apps with the best ones including good demonstration tutorials and videos and push notifications. However, experts have highlighted the cons of fitness apps as revealed in a new study from the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), which looked into the effect of fitness apps on users’ wellbeing. It was concluded that the apps can result in over-exercising or obsessive tendencies, especially from users looking to use it to receive praise or public endorsement as mentioned by Dr. Eoin Whelan, senior lecturer at the JE Cairnes school of business and economics at NUIG.

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